Aerial Filming in Binghamton, NY

Many businesses use drone videography to build their brands, increase awareness and market themselves. The professional videographers at Creative Video Productions have followed the technological advances in drone filming from the beginning. We’re proud to offer cutting-edge drone videographer services to organizations throughout Binghamton, NY and northeastern Pennsylvania and upstate New York.

With our aerial film work, we highlight the best features of your company, property, product or final results. Our capabilities span a variety of filming styles, to ensure you’re getting the best footage.


A qualified drone cinematographer comes to your location to get the shots you need from multiple angles. For example, we regularly work with realtors selling high-end houses who want to use crystal clear video to market these properties.


For more complex video footage, rely on two drone operators to get fast-paced, unique footage of your facility, property or product. Many businesses use dual operator drone footage on their websites, in commercials or as training courses.


Get the whole picture with panoramic shots and 360-degree videos. These videos are ideal for showcasing an area’s natural beauty, demonstrating the capabilities of products or presenting the entirety of large-scale facilities and operations.


Stream your event live with our team of videographers and highly-skilled drone operators. We can maneuver drones in real-time to ensure every moment is captured in complete clarity, from the best angle, in perfect synchrony.


Does your project require the expertise of an entire team of aerial cinematographers? Our specialized staff performs multi-drone video shoots throughout northeast Pennsylvania and the Binghamton, NY area.

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Ready to explore the dynamic capabilities of drone filming? Invest in the very best aerial cinematography for your next presentation, commercial or marketing campaign. Let the drone videographers at Creative Video Productions capture your product, location or site from every angle to highlight your hard work and vision.

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