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Video Conversions in Endicott, NY

Film has always played an invaluable role in people’s personal and professional lives. But technology is always evolving. If you’ve got footage from more than a decade or two ago, it means you’ve got photo albums, slides, 8 mm film or VHS cassettes collecting dust.

Creative Video Productions transforms your aging media into DVDs and digital files you can enjoy on your computer, phone or other devices. We also convert VHS to digital and offer duplications of your new digital files with high-end CD duplication and DVD duplication services. Some of the media conversion services we offer include:

All film and tape formats

We’re experts in video conversions, equipped to transfer any film footage you have into digital files. While we convert VHS to digital, we provide the same service for those with 8 mm, super 8mm, 16mm and any camcorder tape format. Our video professionals convert and duplicate your films and videos on-site at our studio in Endicott, NY.

35mm slides

It’s hard to remember a time when friends and family members gathered into a room to watch a slideshow of travel or event photos. People with boxes of old projectors slides can still relive these memories when we convert them into digital files.

Printed photographs

It wasn’t that long ago that the only way to see the photos you captured on film was to develop and print the pictures. Now, we can swipe through years of history from any device around the world. Digitizing photographs allows you to effortlessly share these memories with the people you love.

Audio recordings

Our audio transfer and CD/DVD duplication services are available to those wanting to move their audio from cassettes and LP records to digital files and CDs. We offer professional CD duplication and pressing so you can hand out your recordings to anyone who wants to listen.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About Home Videotape Transfers

  • Can Standard Definition Home Videotape be Transferred to Blu-ray Disc?
    Yes, it can. However, there is no advantage to doing so. Because the original tape’s picture quality is limited to its original standard definition video, transferring it onto a more expensive high definition Blu-ray disc will not produce a better picture. Thus, it would be a costly transfer with no improvement in the picture quality. In fact, a videotape transfer to a standard definition DVD that is then played back on an ordinary upscaling DVD player or a Blu-ray player will give you the best possible picture quality.
  • Is Videotape Transferred at High Speed?
    No, it is not possible to transfer videotapes at high speed. Therefore, every hour of your original material takes us at least an hour to transfer. There is no fast way to do it.
  • Why Don’t We Put More Than 2 Hours on a DVD?
    It is true that most commercially produced DVDs hold more than two hours of material. However, those are highly sophisticated, double-layer, mass produced products. Your transfers are a one-of-a-kind product, burned in real time and limited by standard compression methods. We could put up to 6 hours of video onto one DVD. However, when video is compressed onto a DVD beyond the 2 hour capacity we can discern a loss of picture detail. We believe that our customers come to us because we deliver the best possible quality. For that reason, we will not compromise and squeeze more than 2 hours of video onto a DVD disc.
  • Do You Put Chapters On My Videotape Transfer DVDs?
    Yes. Each tape transferred onto a DVD becomes a main chapter in the DVD’s main menu. Also, there are invisible sub-chapter points at about every 5 minutes within the main chapters. That lets you quickly advance or back up through the DVD by pressing the Forward or Back buttons on the DVD player’s remote control.
  • How will My Home Videotape DVD Transfers Be Packaged?
    The waterproof DVD is labeled with the title of the tape. The disc is packaged in a thin, polyethylene clamshell case and the label on the DVD is visible through the front of the case. If more than one DVD is required, such as for a tape longer than 120 minutes, two DVDs will be packaged in a double-disc plastic case.
  • Can You Repair Broken Videotapes?
    Yes, usually. Most broken videotapes can be repaired if the damage is not too severe. Sometimes videotape shells are glued together, not screwed, so the shell must be broken to make the repair of the tape inside. In those cases, it may not be possible to play the tape again after we have repaired it and transferred the video to DVD. There may be an additional charge for repairs and we cannot guarantee the result. We will not attempt any repairs until we have discussed the particular situation with you.

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