Event Video Binghamton, NY

We measure our lives by the special events we celebrate. To capture those fleeting experiences, hire Creative Video Productions. Our more than 35 years of experience informs the sought-after special event and school filming services that families, couples, schools, universities, dance companies, sports teams and other organizations want. We bring professional-caliber skill and equipment to your event, to capture it in perfect clarity and detail.

Filmed Memories Last a Lifetime

Event video filming allows loved ones the opportunity to appreciate these special moments without the burden of capturing them on their phones or other recording devices. Our event and school filming skills in Binghamton, NY are available for any occasion:

  • Athletic events
  • Dance recitals
  • Debate competitions
  • Dramatic performances
  • Graduations
  • Religious ceremonies
  • Talent shows

Wedding Videography

You spent so much time and effort planning your perfect wedding. Newlywed couples find themselves struggling to remember the day because it goes by so quickly. Experience the joy of your wedding day years later with our ceremony and reception video packages, available in a variety of options to meet your needs and accommodate your budget.

Scholarship Highlights Videos

We work with students applying for athletic scholarships at their top-choice universities. Our professionally produced and edited highlight reels capture your determination, skill and sportsmanship. Show off your talents as an athlete with our high-quality capabilities. The decision-makers at your chosen colleges won’t be able to ignore your highlights videos.

Cherish Those Special Moments

Never forget a single moment without relying on your phone to capture the best videos. Let our professional team film and edit videos from these milestone events so you can participate in what’s happening, instead of trying to film it yourself.

You’ll treasure these professionally-produced videos for years to come. Call Creative Video Productions at 607-754-6767 to book our videographers for your upcoming event. Located in Binghamton, NY, we also provide on-location event video filming to communities throughout northeastern Pennsylvania and upstate New York.